Manchester United 0-3 Liverpool: Five talking points

by Sam Peoples

Shocking and appalling. Everybody expected today’s game against Liverpool to be a tough game, nobody expected Manchester United to cower in the corner.

There was no bite, no fight, no desire, no passion, no nothing. Calling it a terrible performance doesn’t cover it. 3-0? It could have been five or six.

One step forward, five steps back. Crystal Palace – good. West Brom – great. Liverpool – shocking.

Moyes put out the right starting XI and there was genuine optimism in the build up to kick-off but getting the team right is only half the battle.

Did the players even know what they were doing? There was no attacking guile in a team that had so much attacking talent. It’s almost impressive to get a team with that much talent playing so badly.

Tactically, we were all over the place.

There’s no justifying that performance. If there is one game you expect Manchester United Liverpool at home. Not under Moyes’ watch.

Football has its highs and lows but losing to Liverpool in that manner is inexcusable and there should be repercussions because of it. It’s a result that can’t be swept under the carpet.

David Moyes will have lost the fans. One thing Moyes has had all season is the support of United’s faithful but there is absolutely no chance that support will still be there after that performance.

The fans might have created an excellent atmosphere but they don’t deserve to be treated to football like that. It was humiliation.

Moyes has had a tough time of it with the press but the support of United’s fans has been a bit of a haven for him. Now, he has backed himself into a corner and everyone is justifiably angry at him.

Our players need to take a look at themselves. Last season, Rafael was one of Manchester United’s most improved players. He really came of age and made the right-back spot his own but this season, the brash side to his game that he managed to cut out has returned.

What was he doing for the penalty? It was a stupid decision but he shouldn’t be a scapegoat. Evra was appalling, Vidic got his fourth red card against Liverpool and nobody else wanted the game.

Moyes will have a tough time winning the support back of United fans after today.

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