Manchester United have turned into a circus act after Liverpool defeat

by Sam Peoples

If defeat to Liverpool was the cyclone, then Manchester United are now being battered by a storm surge that has the potential to make David Moyes’ position as manager untenable.

Old Trafford may have roared to life with song even after Liverpool scored their third goal but all is not well among the fans and some have started to turn on Moyes.

Losing the support of the fans is a wounding blow but it isn’t fatal. A decent run of wins would help put that fire out. However, there may be far greater problems at the club which, if true, would make it almost impossible for Moyes to continue as manager.

Less than 24 hours after the defeat, rumours of a Fergie return and dressing room bust-ups came through Red Issue and the Manchester Evening News has reported Giggs is ‘furious’ at rumours that he has fallen out with Moyes.

Is this really happening at United? The wheels are falling off quicker than on a hastily made boxcar.

Nobody can accuse the fans of reaching this standpoint without justification. If what had happened this season had been at Manchester City or Chelsea, fan made banners and boos would have been the flavour of month from October onwards.

United fans have waited, patiently, ready for that big performance that can turn a frown upside down. Liverpool was the perfect opportunity. Alas, the frown has indeed transformed but it has gone the other way – it is now a scowl. Fans are more angry and confused than Wayne Rooney.

If Moyes has lost the dressing room to the point where players are clashing with him, what chance has he got to turn it around?

Sir Alex Ferguson made some big mistakes when he was United manager but recommending Moyes is fast looking like the biggest mistake of all.

How does the club respond to this? Do they cut their losses and accept that Moyes was a mistake or continue to give him opportunities to prove himself at the risk of dragging the aura of the club further south?

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