PICTURE: Manchester United’s relegation form

by Sam Peoples

Manchester United and January, it’s a month where we have always whirred into gear and taken our game up a notch. It was as reliable as clockwork, it wasn’t luck that it happened on so many occasions.

However, this year under David Moyes, United have been diabolical since January.

We’ve lost four out of 10 Premier League games and are now 12 points off fourth place with Manchester City also having two games in hand.


This season, Manchester United have turned into everything we laughed at other teams doing for so many years. Devoid of confidence, bereft of any attacking threat and stuck with our tail firmly between our legs, United’s players don’t look like they have a clue what they’re doing.

We were title candidates at the start of the season but are now looking more like relegation candidates.

Being angry about our form has nothing to do with being a spoilt fan because if there was a reason why fans could still be positive, then we’d hold onto it. The problem is that there isn’t.

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