Manchester United are now considering firing Moyes and Fergie isn’t supporting him vocally any more

by Sam Peoples

Manchester United’s board of directors have now started to turn against David Moyes and have discussed firing him, according to¬†ESPN‘s Miguel Delaney.

The sources from Delaney’s report suggest that it is the wider repercussions of damaging United as a brand because of its long-standing association with guaranteed success more than anything else that has sparked the reaction and state that while Moyes currently has the backing of the Glazers, that could all change off the back of the next three results.

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There was an air of inevitability about a story like this breaking this week following the 3-0 defeat to Liverpool and although it is not the final nail in the coffin for Moyes, it will only serve to increase the pressure on Moyes heading into the game against Olympiacos.

Delaney’s report also suggests that Sir Alex Ferguson is not unwavering in his support for Moyes any more and is no longer vocally backing him in the boardroom.

He added: “Old Trafford sources also state it has been noted that Alex Ferguson is no longer so vocally backing Moyes at boardroom level, although the former manager is not said to have turned against his replacement. It is also believed Moyes retains the backing of Bobby Charlton.”

Moyes losing the support of Ferguson would be similar to a trapeze artist having their safety net taken away – it doesn’t change Moyes’ position at all but it increases the pressure on himself to perform because if he fails from here on in and doesn’t have Ferguson arguing in his corner, the next loss could be fatal.

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