Five managers who could replace David Moyes at Manchester United

by Sam Peoples


David Moyes’ time as Manchester United manager has, to put it mildly, not gone to plan so far.

Bumps were expected along the way in the year after Sir Alex Ferguson’s departure but nobody expected Manchester United to be 18 points off the top of the Premier League at any point.

Following the Liverpool defeat, there has been increasing talk of Moyes potentially being fired. With that in mind, if he was to be sacked, who could replace him?


[tps_title]Ryan Giggs[/tps_title]

If David Moyes isn’t going to last until the end of the season, then Ryan Giggs’ appointment may happen by default on an interim basis but looking beyond that, could Giggs take up the role on a full time basis?

There’d be nobody better placed to know the club as well as Giggs does and you could bet your house that he would demand nothing less than 100% in every game from his players.

Rob Blanchette’s detailed argument as to why Giggs should take over makes for an interesting read.

On paper, it would be a risk to let Giggs take over the mantle given the circumstances but if he is half as good a manager as he is a player, Giggs could be fantastic for United.

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