Valencia: My black eye is nothing for the joy United has given me

by Sam Peoples

Antonio Valencia has won back the hearts of some Manchester United fans by saying that the massive shiner he got against Olympiacos was nothing in comparison to the joy that the club has brought him.

The Ecuadorian picked up a nasty eye injury early on in the game against Olympiacos and looked like he was going to be replaced.

However, despite the fact he had to play the whole match with one eye completely closed over, Valencia actually played really well.

Valencia might be frustrating, he might be one-dimensional but that sort of commitment, unyielding and unwavering even in the midst of a one-eyed daze, was phenomenal.

Dan Dawkins wrote a piece prior to kick-off stating that David Moyes needed to have a Braveheart-esque performance against Olympiacos to go through – Valencia duly obliged with a warrior like shift.

Valencia has been more than frustrating this season and we highlighted him as a player who United are better off not playing but Valencia dug deep against Olympiacos, deeper than most players ever would, to carry on playing (and well) against the odds, so he should be commended for that.

His performance typified the attitude of every player last night and his example of never giving up has certainly done his position at United no harm, with either the fans or Moyes.

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