David Moyes believes he knows the key to beating Bayern Munich

by Sam Peoples

Manchester United’s draw against Bayern Munich for the Champions League quarter-final couldn’t have been any tougher but David Moyes feels there are areas that United can exploit to beat them.

Obviously Moyes has seen something that the last 50 opponents in the Bundesliga haven’t seen given that they are unbeaten in that time.

“They have proved they are the best by winning the world championship. But I’ve had a chance to see Munich a few times, I watched them at Arsenal and they are a good team,” Moyes said.

“But I’ve got a few things that I would say that I’ve seen that I would try to work on and capitalise on.

“Also they are the holders. But I don’t think the holders have ever won the Champions League twice in succession? Hopefully we can try and do something about that.”

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The odds are completely stacked against us but what’s the point in not thinking Manchester United can rustle up a miracle? These two matches might be the last Champions League games for 18 months so United fans may as well enjoy them for what they are.

Ties don’t get more glamorous than hosting the current holders of the Champions League and if the atmospheres against Liverpool and Olympiacos are anything to go by, the roof is going to come off Old Trafford when Bayern are in town.

“It’s a really big game, but the big thing is being in the quarter-final draw because on Tuesday most people were thinking we wouldn’t be in the draw,” Moyes added.

“When we were 2-0 down to Olympiacos from the first leg I don’t think there were too many people putting us through into the quarter-finals, so in a lot of ways it didn’t matter who I drew but I’ve probably drawn out the favourites and the holders of the competition.

“So from that point of view, yeah we have a tough draw but we are still in there and we are still fighting.

“I don’t know when the draw came out I would have said it’s the draw everybody wanted. Bayern maybe were the favourites, Real may be the favourites at this present time. Ideally you would try to avoid them if you can.

“I am actually looking forward to it because it’s two really great teams in a big game. There have been a lot of memories over seasons between Munich and Manchester United. There have been some epic games between the two clubs over the years and if I can get another epic game then that will mean we have come close. That has got to be the idea.”

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