Jamie Carragher: Cristiano Ronaldo isn’t a great player yet

by Sam Peoples

Jamie Carragher has genuinely attempted to argue that Cristiano Ronaldo cannot be considered a great until he has a defining goal/moment.

Naturally, Stevie G’s (the greatest midfielder in the world) 2005 performance in the Champions League final was cited as something that can be considered a defining moment.

Gerrard can keep his 2005 performance Jamie, Ronaldo is far too busy juggling his two Ballon d’Or trophies, three Premier League titles, one Champions League medal, one La Liga title as well as his cup titles and the small matter of 365 goals in 559 games – all while Gerrard is keeping himself busy kissing cameras.

But Carragher is right, Ronaldo does need a goal or a defining moment that will be remembered for years to come doesn’t he…


Champions League final

Roma header

Arsenal free-kick

Arsenal counter-attack

Portsmouth free-kick

Fulham goal

Sweden hat-trick to take Portugal to 2014 World Cup

Copa Del Rey winning goal vs Barcelona

Goal that effectively won La Liga for Real Madrid

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