VIDEO: Welbeck’s priceless reaction to Rooney’s goal embodies why fans love him

by Sam Peoples

Danny Welbeck looked more like a Manchester United fan than a player after Wayne Rooney scored his volley against West Ham this weekend when he jumped up and down like a loony on the sidelines.

He’s United born and bred. That’s why fans love him and why seeing him blossom into a great player is more satisfying than most.

“Yeah, I’m a local lad and a fan myself, not just a player in the team,” Welbeck said back in January.

“It hurts. It hurts a lot when I see that United aren’t doing as well as we know we can. I feel that extra passion inside me and I want to do everything I can for my team, my team-mates and the club I support because United means so much.”

I defected from the Welbeck fan club momentarily this season but am now a fully fledged member and won’t ever be leaving it.

Image: Twitter/indomanutd

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