Manchester United’s players have started to revolt as David Moyes exit looms – report

by Sam Peoples

Rumours of David Moyes clashing with Ryan Giggs earlier in the month were quashed by the Scot but The Telegraph have ran with a front page exclusive splash detailing that Manchester United’s players have started to revolt.

Earlier tonight, reports suggested that the Glazers have already started to look at replacements for Moyes and Mark Ogden’s article puts Moyes’ position as United manager under even more pressure.

An extract from Ogden’s article reads: “Exasperation has grown, however, and Moyes is regarded as having few allies in the dressing room as he approaches the final seven league games of the season.

“But despite the concerns within the squad, Woodward and the Glazers believe that the current problems on the pitch are proof of the need to rebuild the team this summer – a job which they are backing Moyes to undertake.”

The Telegraph were the first newspaper to run a splash about Juan Mata joining Manchester United in January and Mark Ogden was one of the first reporters to run with the story about Sir Alex Ferguson’s retirement. This season, Ogden has been sketchy with his news on United but The Telegraph have credibility on big stories with United.

You just can’t ignore all of this negative press. Previous rumours of Moyes clashing with Giggs, disaffected players speaking out all season, the owners reportedly looking at alternatives and now a player revolt. The only thing missing from this Cold War is some snow, a hammer and a sickle.

It isn’t the only damning back page tomorrow as quotes from Dwight Yorke and Gary Neville’s words have made the back page of The Sun.

Moyes’ position has looked less secure the longer the season has gone on. If the Liverpool defeat was one pillar kicked from under his feet, the City defeat was the other.

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