PICTURE: Rafael apologises and has ‘never felt so sad in his life’

by Sam Peoples

Rafael has apologised to Manchester United fans after the 3-0 defeat to Manchester City last night.

The Brazilian underperformed again like pretty much every player has this season in a match where Manchester United capitulated when a strong performance was needed from everyone, especially so soon after the Liverpool game.

“Sorry for our fans I never feel so sad in my life but we will came back from where we belong,” he said.

After the 3-0 defeat to Liverpool, players came out in unison and said precisely the same thing. It was a United front that sounded ready to make the Liverpool defeat a one off but last night was exactly the same sort of performance. Drab, dull, pedestrian and submissive.

To his credit, Rafael has been one of the few players who have at least showed some gusto but it simply hasn’t been good enough.

On the whole, apologies at this stage are wafer thin from the players who just don’t seem to care about what is happening to the club right now.

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