PICTURE: Stewards guard the Stretford End “Chosen One” flag as discontent grows

by Sam Peoples

The Chosen One banner has given away fans far more enjoyment than it has to home fans inside Old Trafford since it went up at the start of the season and the decision to have stewards guarding the flag after the Manchester City defeat summed up how it is seen by home fans.

It was a terrible idea for a flag in the first place and so it has proved. All season, it has been nothing more than a tool for the press and opposition fans to use against us rather than give United fans anything.

Now, it has got to the stage where having the flag there only opens us up to more abuse but taking it down would be big news for the press.

Andrew Kilduff, co-founder of Stretford End Flags who are responsible for the flag, has re-iterated on more than one occasion that the flag hasn’t been met by mass opposition from fans but if that was the case then why did it need stewards guarding it after the loss?

Image: Twitter/manutdff

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