Dutch coach unleashes both barrels on David Moyes in Twitter tirade

by Sam Peoples

Raymond Verheijen might have nothing better to do than systematically and repeatedly attack David Moyes but tonight, he unloaded both barrels on the Scot and his stinging attack resonated with fans.

This season has been a slippery slope for United and we are currently at our lowest point after home spankings at the hands of Liverpool and Manchester City, and with Bayern Munich just around the corner, the potential for it to get worse looms large.

All season long, Verheijen has unleashed venomous attacks on Moyes and accused his ‘prehistoric training methods’ for Robin van Persie’s injury woes and ultimately, Manchester United’s downfall.

Despite loathing him, the evidence suggests he was right all along.

Yes he is an insufferable obsessive and yes he loves dinosaurs but the points he made are all valid and attributable.

As @RichardCann said in reaction to Verheijen’s latest outburst, have Manchester United fans been angry with him simply because we didn’t want him to be right? There may be a slightly large element of truth in that.

Image lovingly created by @ThisisDarse.

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