An Old Trafford plane banner will take United to a new low

by Sam Peoples

When talk of banners are the topic of conversation rather than the football match on Saturday, you know there is something drastically wrong with Manchester United.

However, instead of talk about “The Chosen One” banner in the Stretford End, attention has turned to a group of individuals from the Red Issue forum who have taken it upon themselves to pay £840 for a banner to be flown over Old Trafford before kick-off this Saturday with a “Moyes Out” banner tailing behind it.

Here is a statement from those who are organising the banner.

Let me get this straight. The banner has come as a consequence of Tufty and Stretford End Flags refusing to take down “The Chosen One” banner despite the fact there is so much opposition to it.

The response? Put a “Moyes Out” banner and fly it above Old Trafford on a match day, despite the fact there is so much opposition to it.

Great logic. The people behind the banner would have done nothing more than repeat Tufty and Stretford End Flags’ mistake of trying to represent mass opinion.

If there were enough people to collect £840 together to hire a plane, there were enough voices to be heard inside Old Trafford. Whatever happened to good old fashioned booing if you want to voice an angered opinion?

After the Liverpool game, I said that Manchester United had become a circus act but I didn’t expect the club to be made to look like clowns by the fans themselves.

What is the popular opinion? Here are some responses from Manchester United fans when asked whether the banner was a good idea. There were a few murmurings of support for the banner but the response was overwhelmingly against it:

However, a poll held here on The Peoples Person stands in support of the banner:


Opinion on methods is divided but the collective feeling is conclusive – Moyes has lost the support of the fans.

At this stage, is it only a matter of time before a crescendo is reached?

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