Moyes: Everywhere I go I get great support from Manchester United fans

by Sam Peoples

David Moyes still feels that he has the support of Manchester United fans and insisted that the current situation is part of a rebuilding plan that ‘anybody who has an understanding of the game’ will be able to appreciate.

The pressure on Moyes has been steadily increasing all season but thanks to morale draining defeats to Olympiacos, Liverpool and Manchester City, despite the brief respite of going through to the Champions League quarter-finals, fans are starting to voice their frustrations at Moyes.

However, speaking at his pre-match press conference, Moyes has dismissed the notion that he doesn’t have the fans’ support.

“Everywhere I go, I get great support from Manchester United supporters,” he said.

“I was really fortunate to be at a dinner last night for Darren Fletcher and the amount of supporters who were up, saying: ‘Keep going, we understand exactly the situation the club and the team is in’.

“So they were really supportive and every time I’ve gone to Old Trafford, the crowd have been great. I’m seeing it differently to what a lot of people are seeing.

“But results are what really matter. The business is results-driven and I’m keen to get those results to move up the table. I’m repeating myself but it’s actually not what I’ve been witnessing [any negativity]. I’m witnessing great support: the people I bump into outside the ground, Manchester United supporters.

“There’s a rebuilding plan under way and anybody who has an understanding of the game understands that will happen. And the people who put me in the job here are top football people who understand the game and know exactly what is required at Manchester United. They know exactly the sort of characters you need to run the club.”

To be fair, fans inside Old Trafford have continued to sing loud and proud through the defeats so from that standpoint, Moyes hasn’t seen the fans turn against him yet.

However, individual murmurings after the Manchester City game are set to grow in volume this weekend with a (ridiculous) banner expected to be flown above Old Trafford before kick-off against Aston Villa.

Fans who have an understanding of the game do appreciate that transitional periods do come with hurdles but Moyes has shown little signs of a philosophy or progress to make us feel he is right man to make sure these hurdles are only temporary.

Image: Twitter/chegiaevara

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