Moyes: Fergie would have struggled this year and I’m sure he’d agree

by Sam Peoples

David Moyes has thrown away the shovel to dig his own grave and replaced it with a JCB by claiming that even Fergie would have struggled this year with the squad.

It’s almost as if Moyes has been taking PR lessons from Mario Balotelli. Why always me? It’s never my fault. Transition, injuries, luck, refereeing decisions et al – anything but Moyes’ fault.

However, saying that Ferguson would have struggled with the squad might just be the final straw in his PR coffin.

“If Sir Alex were here this year it would be difficult for him as well and I’m sure he’d agree,” he said.

“People are aware there’s a squad that is ageing, so it would have been a tough season for whoever was in charge of United this year. It could have been the case no matter what.”

No Moyes, Ferguson would not have struggled. Last year, he won the team with this squad. In fact, he won it with less of a squad – Januzaj, Fletcher, Zaha, Mata and Fellaini were players Ferguson didn’t have the luxury of using.

Yes, injuries have been terrible this season but trying to justify United’s capitulation on injuries is laughable.

Ferguson may have struggled with this squad but he never finished outside the top four ever in the Premier League and he had some shocking squads over the years.

Sorry Moyes, you’ve completely lost me with this latest comment to add on top of saying we aspire to be Manchester City and that Liverpool are favourites.

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