Mata: The fans deserve more than they’re getting and deserve great football

by Sam Peoples

Juan Mata has stood in the corner of Manchester United’s fans and rallied the team to improve because it is what the fans deserve.

All season long, Manchester United’s home and away support has been very vocal despite a lot of two-bit performances. The two recent matches at Old Trafford against Liverpool and Manchester City are prime examples of where the fans who have continued to be loud even in the face of humiliation to our bitter rivals – that is what Mata wants to re-pay.

“For us, it is very important to have our confidence back and it is also very important to show the crowd, to show the fans, that we are giving them what they deserve,” Mata said.

“They deserve more than they are getting. They deserve great football, they deserve to see wins, so we will try to do that – to win and to do that playing great football. But it is going to be tough because no game is easy these days.”

It seems to me that Mata endears himself to Manchester United more and more every time he speaks because he always says the right thing (take note Moyes).

The United faithful spend thousands following the club home and away in England and abroad in Europe and certainly do deserve to be rewarded with some exciting football. Without their continued support, Moyes’ position at the club would have been far more unstable up until this point.

There is absolutely no shame in losing, it is all part and parcel of football but this season, Manchester United have lost so many times because of our own bad performances. They have been self inflicted losses where the team has lost without a fight and there’s plenty of shame in that.

Despite United looking more like lambs ready for the slaughter than opponents in the build-up to the game against Bayern Munich, Mata feels that nothing is impossible.

“Why not?,” he said.

“I remember my first season at Chelsea, when we beat Barcelona to reach the Champions League final.”

Image: Twitter/MUFC_NL

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