Neville: Plane stunt lets all Manchester United fans down

by Sam Peoples

Gary Neville has voiced his frustration towards the group of individuals who have decided to fly a plane over Old Trafford today with a “Moyes Out” banner.

Just like “The Chosen One” banner was met with widespread opposition from Manchester United fans, this stunt today has been labelled as an embarrassment from the start but it is still going ahead, despite popular opinion.

The issue with banners this season is that select individuals have taken it upon themselves to decide what public opinion is and, even in the face of staunch opposition, have continued to run with their ideas. Trying to represent public opinion is the reason this stunt came around in the first place.

Neville is right because the only people who are going to suffer from this are the United fans. The Glazers are not going to change their stance because a plane flies by with a banner are they?

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