Star performer vs Aston Villa: Rooney brilliant, Shinji outstanding, Young woeful

by Sam Peoples

Manchester United 4-1 Aston Villa

Star performer

Wayne Rooney stepped up and delivered a performance worthy of the badge. His two goals in the first half put Manchester United back in front after we conceded an early goal and he looked up for taking the fight on by himself. He was even back winning headers in the box and defending. Brilliant – not much more needs to be said for Rooney really.

Shinji Kagawa was outstanding, particularly in the first half. He showed our other players what it means to deliver a cross. Rather than aimlessly just try and play the ball into the box, he waited for a run from Buttner to get him a bit of space inside and then lifted the ball perfectly onto the head of Rooney who had lost his man. He was, as he almost always is, exceptional with his use of the ball. Composed and calm under pressure, and in tight spaces, there was a man on the end of everything he played.

Under performer

Ashley Young. Yet again, he fails at some of the absolute basics. One half decent cross or even assist every now and again is not enough for a regular United starter.

He may attack with pace but he’s like a wasp with a shot-gun, buzzing around a lot but randomly firing regardless of what’s happening around him. If the pass is not on, don’t force it. Yet time and again he just runs at the defender with his head down and tries to cross. More often than not he hits the first man or the goalkeeper. Januzaj came on and completely taught Young a lesson on wing play. He did more in the 20 minutes he was on the pitch than Young did in the previous three games.

The fact Young gets anywhere near the starting line-up is just another damning indictment for Moyes.

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