Evra: Manchester United look more confident and up for it in Europe

by Sam Peoples

Patrice Evra has admitted that Manchester United have been far more confident and up for it in European football this season than we have domestically but is unsure as to why it is the case.

United have been awful in the Premier League but in Europe, we haven’t lost the aura that we had when Sir Alex Ferguson was in charge and the results have reflected that having only lost once this year, away in Greece to Olympiacos.

“In the Champions League, we have played good,” Evra told Manutd.com.

“We are confident and it looks like we are all up [for it] more than in the league and in the cup. I know it is not professional to say that but it is the truth. We look more like we’re on it, we look more like we have the Manchester United spirit when we play in the Champions League.

“I wish I had the answer why, it’s difficult and really painful. I don’t have any answer to it. Sometimes you have to let the storm pass and make sure we are ready for Bayern and make sure we are ready for next year as well.

“We always believe when you play for Manchester United; it is not because you win 4-0 against Newcastle that we start to believe we can win against Bayern. Before the first leg, everyone was expecting us to lose 5-0 or something like that but, in the end, we drew. I think it is not a good result but it is not a bad result because they scored an away goal. I’m confident we can score an away goal at Bayern. The team is confident and when you play for Manchester United you have to be confident, even when sometimes you have a difficult moment.”

Whatever the reason, United really have looked like a completely different prospect in Europe but away at Bayern Munich as heavy underdogs, United will have to put in one of our best performances of the season to overcome the reigning champions.

However Evra, who said he should be fit for the game, is refusing to go into the game with a negative mindset and believes United can do it.


“I will tell you something. It was funny because all season reminded me of the Chelsea season [that they won the Champions League in 2012] when they were not playing well in the league. I keep this in my mind. I am not saying we are going to do the same but sometimes you have to be positive so why not? You have to believe.

“I think I will be fit. I received a knock and I was injured as well before Aston Villa with my knee so I will try my best to be fit. Sometimes you have to play your best and be honest with yourself and your team-mates. If you are ready to play, you have to give everything. No excuses. If you play a bad game, you can’t say it was because you were injured.

“First of all, I was really frustrated to not play in such a big game [the first leg] but I though Alex did a good job. I was so pleased with the performance of the lads and now we must make sure we pull off a shock because Bayern are favourites for this game. It is not often since I have played for Manchester United that we are not the favourites but, sometimes, you have to accept they are favourites and let’s surprise everyone.”

Image: Twitter/vanpersieupdate

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