Manchester United confirm Old Trafford singing section will be made permanent

by Sam Peoples

Manchester United have confirmed that the singing section will become a permanent fixture at Old Trafford from the start of the 2014/15 season.

The decision has come after two years of discussions with fans groups and after research by acoustic specialists in two trials at Old Trafford against Real Sociedad and Fulham this season, where they decided the section helped improve the atmosphere.

The section will be in the J Stand in the North East quadrant and although the section has been met by some happy Manchester United fans, season ticket holders who have sat in the J Stand for years will now have to move and are angry at the decision.

What Manchester United fans have shown this season is that a singing section isn’t necessarily the answer as Old Trafford has been rocking this season even when we were losing to Liverpool and Manchester City. However, the decision has now been made and from next year there will be a permanent singing section.

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