Luke Shaw makes it clear Chelsea is where his heart lies

by Sam Peoples

Luke Shaw‘s outburst on Twitter after Demba Ba scored a dramatic late goal to put Chelsea through to the Champions League semi-final was not really a surprise.

The 18-year-old has openly admitted on Twitter earlier this season that he is aย Chelsea fan and on more than one occasion has made it clear that is the caseย but in a week where sources close to Southampton suggestedย Shaw had already agreed in principle to join United, it placed question marks around it.

On its own, Shaw’s outburst does highlight his Chelsea affiliation but a quick look back at his timeline shows that he enjoyed watching Manchester United’s game against Bayern Munich too.

Is there a deeper meaning in these tweets from Shaw? There’s probably no alterior motive other than Shaw simply enjoying Champions League football.

However, given how affectionate he is towards Chelsea, it does make Manchester United’s job to sign him harder – harder, but not impossible.

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