Manchester United fans react to Wayne Rooney’s performance against Bayern Munich

by Sam Peoples

There were no surprises when Wayne Rooney was named in Manchester United’s starting XI to face Bayern Munich yesterday.

In a game of that magnitude, you want your best players playing and even though he wasn’t at 100%, David Moyes allowed Rooney to play through the pain barrier in the hope he could have made the difference on the night.

It’s an understandable decision in that Rooney can change a game in a split second but Moyes didn’t react when he saw how poorly Rooney was playing and left him on for the full 90 minutes, instead taking Danny Welbeck off for Javier Hernandez.

What were you thinking Moyes? On paper, it was an understandable risk to start Rooney but giving him 90 minutes after such a lacklustre performance was unforgivable.

Here’s what some United fans made of Rooney’s performance:

What did you think of Rooney’s performance and do you think he should have been substituted?

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