Manchester United can get back into the Champions League another way

by Sam Peoples

The Europa League has always been seen as a waste of time for the clubs involved.

Poor prize funds, uncompetitive games, tepid atmospheres and Thursday night games messing up schedules have all contributed to a stigma surrounding its creation but from next season, there is a new incentive for teams in the competition.

As announced in May 2013, the winners of the 2015 Europa League will qualify for the Champions League the following season, something which UEFA hope will improve the quality of the Europa League.

Finishing in the top four is the prerogative for Manchester United next season but even £150 million worth of investment is not going to guarantee us an immediate return to the top. All of the teams around us will improve too.

There’s every chance that United could fall short of fourth again even if we brought in the players we needed on paper.

In light of that, should Manchester United take the Europa League more seriously next season if there is a Champions League spot at place or does it not change anything for you regarding the competition?


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