Manchester United’s excuses for failing to sign ‘elite players’ this summer begin

by Sam Peoples

Last summer was a rhetoric of excuses from Manchester United about players being unavailable and the marketplace being tough. Even before this transfer window has opened, it seems we could be set for some unwanted deja vu.

The club has started to brief journalists with a similar thought process that market conditions will make it difficult for Manchester United to sign the best players.

Our failure to sign our top targets last year was the prelude to what has been a diabolical season by all accounts and if we repeat our mistakes this summer, we could be in for a similar campaign next year.

There’s no two ways about it – players are available. They may be expensive, especially in a World Cup summer, but every club has their price with a player, United just need to be willing to pay for it.

Even if these quotes are not from the horses mouth, it is only a matter of time before David Moyes goes on the record and says the same thing to the press at least once in the upcoming months.

This summer is going to be the most important that Manchester United have had in a long time. With so many players expected to leave an already depleted squad, the need for investment is stronger than ever and we have to make sure we land our targets. Otherwise, mediocrity could become the norm at Old Trafford and we cannot afford to let that happen.

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