Smalling stepped up but Rooney should’ve been hooked by Moyes

by Sam Peoples

Bayern Munich 1-3 Manchester United

Star Performer

Chris Smalling has been criticised by many Manchester United fans as not being good enough.  He has had some terrible games at right back where he has been caught out of position or struggled going forward but that is not his position and never will be.

Smalling’s talent lies in his ability to read the game and against Bayern Munich, he showed he is able to mix it with Europe’s best.  In the first half particularly, Smalling was completely dominant of anything that came into the box.  He won header after header and was a huge part of stemming the danger Bayern caused.

Under Performer

Wayne Rooney. It was worth a try but it was clear to most people after around 30 mins that he just wasn’t up to it because of the injury.  It affected his ability to run at full pace and his feel for the ball.  His touch was off, his movement was none existent, he was a yard behind everybody and his finishing when chances came just wasn’t up to the level we expect from Rooney.  You can’t blame Rooney.  You can’t even blame Moyes for starting him.  You can though blame Moyes for leaving us effectively with ten men for the full game.  Clearly offering nothing, Moyes should’ve taken Rooney off at half-time and switched the formation to get Welbeck out to the left and Kagawa in behind a striker.  It didn’t happen.

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