Offer for Toni Kroos confirmed and he’s advised on Manchester United move by Jupp Heynckes

by Sam Peoples

Ex-Bayern Munich manager Jupp Heynckes has revealed that Toni Kroos currently has a contract offer on the table from the German club and advised him to stay in Bavaria.

Heynckes doesn’t believe there is another club in Europe right now that can offer more to Kroos than Bayern Munich and believes extending his current deal is the best option for him.

The 24-year-old delayed contract negotiations until the summer in order to concentrate on the World Cup but it seems Bayern Munich have already played their hand, leaving the ball firmly in Kroos’ court.

“I spoke with Toni,” Heynckes told SPORT1.

“If he takes my words seriously, he will stay. Something like Bayern are not currently available in Europe.

“He would be well advised to extend. At present he has a good offer on the Bavaria. Toni knows this. I hope that it also known by his advisor.”

Bayern Munich have been bullish in their approach to the Kroos situation in the press and this interview with Heynckes is the latest in a string of figures that have advised Kroos to stay with the German club.

Will he take heed of the advice and stay at Bayern Munich or seek a fresh start elsewhere at Manchester United or another club? As Kroos has delayed negotiations, it is unlikely that anything will be confirmed until the summer.

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