PICTURE: Shaw follows Phil Neville on Twitter as Manchester United speculation increases

by Sam Peoples

Luke Shaw has followed Phil Neville on Twitter in a move that will increase speculation linking him with a summer move to Manchester United.

He certainly hasn’t followed Phil for his witty remarks and engaging conversation (sorry Phil) but is this a sure sign that Shaw is going to move to Manchester United? No. However, it certainly fuels the fire that a potential move is on the cards.

Previous reports suggested Manchester United already agreed an £85,000 deal to sign the 18-year-old and coming towards the end of the season, these rumours have really began to gather pace.


Towards the end of January, Neville and Rooney both followed Mata on Twitter and it was the prelude to Manchester United signing the Spaniard.

Is Shaw following Phil Neville a sign of things to come? Let the games begin…

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