The truth about Reus telling Gotze he wants to move to United

by Sam Peoples

Mario Gotze has said that Marco Reus has always wanted to move to Manchester United, according to The Mirror and Manchester Evening News.

Yesterday, Mark Ogden reported that Manchester United maintained belief that Reus was an attainable target and quotes from Gotze have emerged in the press the day after.

The 24-year-old is one of the most coveted wingers in European football and out of all the rumours swirling around, the thought of Reus signing for Manchester United is probably one of the most exciting ones.

“When I was at Borussia, Marco wanted a move to Manchester United,” Gotze has been quoted as saying.

“This hasn’t changed.”

However, there is more than a hint of suspicion about the validity of these quotes from Gotze. The Mirror and MEN are the only places where these quotes have been published – surely Gotze admitting this would be all over the papers in Germany?

After some digging by some users on Twitter, it seems the quotes may well have been fabricated.

Here is what looks like the original source of the quotes.

Of course, this isn’t the first time that quotes are made up on Twitter but it is a strange move by the national press to run with them.

Don’t be surprised if Gotze or Reus publish a statement denying the validity of these quotes before the end of the week.

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