Danny Welbeck is considering leaving United and his representatives have fuelled speculation

by Sam Peoples

Danny Welbeck. Mr Manchester United. Dat Guy. Welbz. The one and only.

If any player was a dead cert to be at Old Trafford next year, it was Welbeck. However, reports from the past 48 hours have placed a cloud of doubt over his future as they suggest Welbeck is considering leaving United because of a lack of games.

David Moyes has messed with a lot of players this season. His love for Wayne Rooney has had wider repercussions with Robin van Persie, Javier Hernandez and clearly Welbeck. Where does the buck stop? How many players is it worth alienating to keep one happy?

Given the choice, I’d much rather have Welbeck roaming around Old Trafford in a United shirt next season than Rooney but it seems that, much like a few others, Welbeck may not be happy to remain at United if David Moyes does.

When questioned about the rumours after the match, Moyes didn’t quash the rumours and made it abundantly clear all is not well.

“I can only tell you Danny’s really important to me & really important to Manchester United,” he said.

His representatives have also done nothing to calm speculation and have instead allowed it to rumble on.

“Revelations earlier in the day that England forward Danny Welbeck wants to leave United this summer due to the breakdown of his relationship with Moyes were not mere speculation, with the player’s advisers rejecting opportunities to dismiss the story,” The Telegraph reported.

There is one hole in these reports in that Welbeck has played more games up front this season than he did last year, so his frustration runs deeper than that.

Welbeck’s frustration coming out now is more than likely a direct consequence of Moyes scapegoating Welbeck, Young and Cleverley for going out after returning from the Bayern Munich game, ten days before we played Everton.

Trying to make an example of some of our younger players after losing to Bayern was not a smart move by Moyes and it has clearly had a wider impact.

Will Welbeck leave? Even the thought will make most United fans shudder but the wrecking ball that Moyes is swinging through the corridors at Old Trafford holds no prisoner.

Image: Twitter/bwinmanutd

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