PICTURE: The moment Manchester United really became a laughing stock

by Sam Peoples

David Moyes and his coaching staff have hung Manchester United out to dry this season but Steve Round took our public character assassination to the next level with a flip book for set plays in the dugout at Goodison Park.

This isn’t The Waterboy. This isn’t Friday Night Lights. This isn’t The Longest Yard. What is Round doing with a set play book, adorned with clipart, at a Premier League football match?

Who cares if other managers have done it before, this is Manchester United we’re talking about.

Moyes has been praised for improving United’s processes behind the scenes by installing iPads at Carrington but if he is still using clip art and set play books, Raymond Verheijen might not have been far off when he called him Jurassic in his methods.

No matter how bad this season has been, Moyes seems to find another way to make it worse.

Image: Twitter/Christian_ESEM

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