Carlo Ancelotti comments on David Moyes’ sacking and Manchester United’s managerial situation

by Sam Peoples

Carlo Ancelotti has immediately been linked with the Manchester United job following the dismissal of David Moyes and the Real Madrid manager was questioned about his reaction to the news in his Bayern Munich pre-match press conference.

After Moyes’ failure this season, it is highly unlikely that United will appoint a manager unless he has a proven track record of success and someone like Ancelotti, who has won multiple domestic trophies and UEFA Champions League’s, is a potential candidate.

Speaking at the press conference, Ancelotti admitted he was surprised at the decision only because it was United but felt Moyes would go on to be successful somewhere else.

“I was a bit surprised as Man United, after 24 years of Sir Alex, are not used to this. At another club it’d be normal,” he said.

“I believe that Moyes will have another team, another opportunity.”

Fergie made a massive mistake with Moyes and so did United. The club let Fergie appoint Moyes without an interview and without looking at alternatives. There’s not a chance that we will make the same mistake again.

United have already been linked with most of the top managers round the world and the club will certainly be looking at every single one of them in detail, Ancelotti included.

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