Details revealed about United player who has leaked team news this season

by Sam Peoples

At various points this season, Manchester United’s team news has been leaked to the press hours before it is due to be released.

In December, It led to David McDonnell being banned from our press conferences and many United fans, myself included, believed that Rio Ferdinand was probably behind the leaks.

Ferdinand had been the only United player who had publicly voiced his frustration at Moyes’ selection policies, so it was easy to assume he was behind the leaks.

However, the Daily Mail has suggested that a young player was behind the leaks and that Moyes knew who it was.

The Daily Mail said: “One theme of United’s recent season, for example, has been the leaking of team news to a national newspaper.

“Having established which young player was responsible, Moyes admonished him but to this day the leaks continue.”

The fact that the leaks continued after Moyes’ punished the individual epitomises how little real control Moyes had over the squad.

Some say Moyes lost the dressing room but the more pertinent point to be made is that he may never have had it to lose in the first place.

This story is going to be but one of many that will emerge in the next few weeks as the lid is slowly lifted on what was happening inside United all season.

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