Manchester United revelations: Players mutinied, disrespected and openly ridiculed David Moyes

by Sam Peoples

The fallout from David Moyes’ departure as Manchester United manager was never going to be a pretty one and the stories that have already emerged suggest it is going to be a damning affair.

The Times and Daily Mail both reported several stories in unison last night that shed some light on what happened behind closed doors this season and even if only half of the stories are true, it doesn’t look good for United at all.

Here’s a list of the claims made about Moyes’ reign from reports last night:

  • Player on bench away to Olympiacos shouted “send him off, we’d be better off” at Moyes when he was arguing with the fourth official right at the end of the game
  • Players dismayed when Moyes was reading a self-help management guide on flight back from Athens. “We are the Premier League champions,” a source from the flight reportedly said. “Why on earth did our manager need to read a book to learn how to manage us?”
  • Some players returned at 5am when allowed on a night out in Dubai
  • Kagawa arrived so late for the flight to Munich that he had to be fast-tracked through but didn’t have a care in the world
  • Players hated training sessions and one coach was nicknamed “F**k off …” because of how dull the sessions were
  • Young player was responsible for team news dressing room leaks
  • Two central midfielders complained about playing time and were told they could leave this summer, despite it being United’s weakest position

Ian Ladyman and James Ducker are two journalists who are, on the whole, very reliable when it comes to United news but there are certainly questions to be asked about these claims.

The main one is obvious – why are we only learning about this information now? These stories are a goldmine for the press and would surely have been published earlier? Why wait until now to release the stories at the same time as another paper in unison? It’s a strange move.

Of course, it was going to be hard for Moyes to come in to a squad of champions but Keane and Neville’s assessment that the squad should be ashamed of themselves is certainly an argument that is vindicated if even half of these claims are true.

Unhappy or not, no United player should ever become underhand to try and undermine the manager.

Over the next few days, there will be countless other stories that emerge, fabricated and truthful, so although Moyes’ tenure as manager has finished, the wider insight into what happened during his time at United could paint a damaging picture for the club.

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