VIDEO: This explains why Van Gaal could be a success at United

by Sam Peoples

Manchester United are one of the world’s biggest clubs and that automatically comes with a squad that is going to be full of big ego’s.

It’s an environment that David Moyes was never able to fully establish himself in and he never truly had control of the dressing room as a consequence.

What Manchester United need in the next manager is someone who is confident enough within themselves to tell some of the world’s best players exactly what to do and in that respect, Louis Van Gaal ticks the boxes.

Take this speech from Germany in 2010 after Bayern Munich won the league for example.

Van Gaal is almost Adolf-esque in his confidence and delivery. He made addressing a crowd of thousands of fans look like a walk in the park for him.

That sort of confidence breeds confidence. It’s what can help make a good team great and with so many top level players in our dressing room, it needs someone with Van Gaal’s confidence to take control of it.

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