News that Luke Shaw has agreed Manchester United deal is false

by Sam Peoples

Manchester United’s pursuit of Luke Shaw has slowly been building in pace as the season has gone on.

Only two days ago, The Guardian reported that we were close to securing Shaw for £30 million on a £100,000 a week deal that would have made him the highest paid teenager in the Premier League.

Today, Southampton responded by saying there had been no contact with any club about Shaw or Lallana at all.

Now, Twitter is buzzing with the rumour that Shaw has agreed a deal to join Manchester United.

As far as sources go on Twitter, Ben Fairthorne is about as reliable as a bucket with a hole in, so it’s fair to take this with a handful of salt.

Talk about Shaw is only going to increase in intensity leading up to the start of the World Cup halfway through June, so there will be plenty more who claim a deal is done before anything is confirmed by either club.

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