Report – Sir Alex Ferguson backed David Moyes until the bitter end

by Sam Peoples

Now that the dust has started to settle on David Moyes’ dismissal as Manchester United manager, reports have emerged that Sir Alex Ferguson staunchly defended Moyes’ corner right up until the bitter end.

The Sun are suggesting that Ferguson’s refusal to agree to Moyes’ sacking continued right until the end where he was outnumbered in the board room.

Ferguson is a stubborn man driven by principles, it’s what made him the great manager he was, but surely even his belief in Moyes must have faded by the time he was sacked this season?

According to Manchester United fanzine Red Issue, Ferguson did indeed back Moyes right to the end.

Surely not, Ferguson?

Stubbornness can sometimes blind a man from the truth and if Ferguson really did stand in Moyes’ corner right until the end, then Ferguson’s judgement must have been driven by an unwavering self-belief that he would be proved right.

Ferguson is stubborn, that much is obvious, but I can’t see that he would have been supporting Moyes after the performances this season. It didn’t take a football expert to see that Moyes was up the creek without a paddle almost from day one

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