Manchester United 4-0 Norwich: Giggs did tear you apart, again

by Sam Peoples

Team selection

Ryan Giggs made some bold moves today with his starting XI. He left Mata on the bench, started Cleverley and went with the experience of Ferdinand and Vidic at the back.

The decision to start with Ferdinand and Vidic was vindicated because Norwich were kept at bay with ease but to be fair, they weren’t offering much going forward at all.

As for Cleverley’s inclusion, it didn’t work out for him. He really underperformed and didn’t earn himself any stripes.

Mata scoring almost as soon as he came on showed how important he is to the lineup and Giggs will have to re-think his lineup to make sure the Spaniard starts the next game. That’s four goals in his last four Premier League appearances now.

United were a different team in the second half

Everyone expected to fire out of the blocks but in the first half, we didn’t really play with much pace and had limited penetration in attack.

In the second half, we were a different beast altogether. Giggs obviously had words at half-time and the players responded because Norwich were put under relentless pressure.

It paid off immediately through Rooney’s second goal and then Mata followed it up with another, and another. Instead of sitting back after scoring like we had been doing under Moyes, United went for the juggular – that’s more like it.

Attack, attack, attack.

I brushed on it in the last point but it should be mentioned again – that was the United we all know and love.

1-0 up? Keep attacking.

2-0 up? Keep attacking.

3-0 up? Keep attacking.

4-0 up? Keep attacking.

You could tell the players just had an insatiable hunger to score more goals and they just didn’t show that under David Moyes. It really did look like they were unshackled and enjoying themselves.

Goals galore

United were dominant today and exuded a confident, self-belief that has been non-existent this season. Not arrogant, just better.

We played like champions and there was a real buzz in the crowd at Old Trafford because the football we’ve seen this season has been so far removed from the style we saw today.

Giggs, Giggs did tear you apart again.

NB – Don’t pick a fight with Vidic

Image: Twitter/Squawka

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