Lindegaard: Giggs’ speech before Norwich was as terrifying as Sir Alex

by Sam Peoples

Anders Lindegaard has become the latest Manchester United player to speak effusively about Ryan Giggs’ credentials as manager and believes he has the potential to become United’s very own Pep Guardiola.

Giggs’ first game in charge lived up to expectations as after a slow first half, United attacked with purpose and overpowered Norwich in a storming 4-0 victory.

There will be vociferous support for Giggs to become United’s manager if he can win the remaining three games this season as Giggs has shown already he has the potential to be a brilliant manager, least not with his powerful presence in the dressing room.

“Ryan Giggs has always kept a king of professional distance from his team-mates. He opened his mouth when it was relevant and people have always listened”, Lindegaard said.

“The parallels with Sir Alex Ferguson are striking and it is clear that Ryan Giggs has been learning from history’s most awe-inspiring manager.

“His last speech before the team went on the pitch before the match against Norwich was terrifying in a way that I have only experienced from Sir Alex Ferguson.

“It probably sounds rather naive and impetuous, and I understand people being sceptical about drawing any conclusion from four training sessions, a game and a day off, but to me we are dealing with a new Guardiola.”

One thing Lindegaard is happy about is that he doesn’t have to make the decision to give Giggs the job or not but he firmly believes whatever the decision is, the squad will stand behind it.

He added: “The question is whether he is already ready to meet the enormous potential he possesses. Fortunately, it’s not my decision to make, but 100 per cent the club’s.

“And whatever the club decide, I’m sure that everyone on and around the team will respect it.”

Image: Twitter/redmancunian

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