PICTURE: Ronaldo sends a message to Manchester United fans after Munich game

by Sam Peoples

Roy Keane doesn’t strike me as the hugging type but clearly even he was swooned by Cristiano Ronaldo’s performance against Bayern Munich as they shared an embrace on the touchline after the full time whistle.

Ronaldo might be a Madrid player but his message is clear – he’ll┬ánever forget his roots. He played with Keane for two years together before Keane left in 2005 and it’s nice to see old friendships don’t get forgotten.

Ronaldo was too hot for Bayern Munich to handle. His first goal at the end of a lightning counter-attack reminded Manchester United fans of what we did away from home in the Champions League against Arsenal in 2009.

He then capped the game with a smart free-kick fired under the jumping Bayern wall to condem Pep Guardiola to his heaviest ever defeat in management.

Records galore, goals galore and another Ballon d’Or – can Ronaldo do any more?

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