Louis van Gaal expects to be named Manchester United manager within days

by Sam Peoples

Manchester United may have a new manager by the start of next week as The Telegraph is reporting that Louis van Gaal expects to be named manager within a few days.

Van Gaal is keen for the decision to be made so that he can concentrate on his duties in preparing the Holland squad for the World Cup.

Real Madrid’s victory over Bayern Munich was seen as the clincher for Manchester United as it ruled out Carlo Ancelotti from the running which paved the way for Van Gaal but for a man whose ego is known to all, United played a risky game making Van Gaal wait to see if others were available.

Mark Ogden also reports that Ryan Giggs’ future at Manchester United is still unresolved with Ed Woodward insisting he be involved in an important role at the club, something that has clashed with Van Gaal’s desires to bring in his own coaching staff but a compromise is expected to be reached.

At this stage, you’d be amazed if Van Gaal was not appointed as manager, least not because it would leave United up the creek without a paddle given that all of our other managerial targets seem to have ruled themselves out of the running.

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