PICTURE: Manchester United’s favourite Chinese striker clearly has a favourite Chinese

by Sam Peoples

Dong Fangzhuo was brought to Old Trafford in 2004 as a completely unknown entity.

Dong Fangzhuo left Old Trafford in 2008 as a completely unknown entity.

In four years, he made a grand total of three appearances having spent his first two on loan at Royal Antwerp.

Despite that, Dong will always evoke at least one great memory for Manchester United fans – having to watch John Terry give him a guard of honour at Stamford Bridge.

What’s our favourite Dong doing now? By the looks of things, he’s enjoying peroxide and one too many prawn crackers…

Unbelievably, Obafemi Martins unbelievably, Dong is only 29 and is still playing football out in China. Fair play, Dong.

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