Manchester United tell players’ representatives next week will be busy with transfers

by Sam Peoples

Manchester United have told representatives of some targets that this is set to be a week where moves may ‘accelerate’ according to The Telegraph’s Mark Ogden.

David Moyes had been working all season behind the scenes getting players lined up and ready for the summer but since his departure last Tuesday, focus obviously switched to finding his replacement instead.

Now that Van Gaal is on the cusp of the job, it seems the club is preparing for a busy week of work. Ogden’s report states: “Perhaps significantly, the representatives of some of the players on United’s list have been told that moves may accelerate next week having been placed on hold since Moyes’s departure.”

The reason why Van Gaal’s arrival would cause this reaction from Manchester United is that he’d be working on a very short deadline.

From Wednesday onwards, Van Gaal will be busy with Holland right up until the end of their World Cup campaign which means that if his appointment was officially announced on Monday, it would leave him with only 48 hours to sort things out before he had to leave.

Of course, United would have more than likely discussed transfers in-depth with him already but the fact they have told players’ representatives that moves might ‘accelerate’ next week suggests something is in the pipeline, behind the scenes at the very least.

Due to the World Cup time constraints, Manchester United’s ability to negotiate is going to be very limited and if Van Gaal does come in, which now seems almost certain, he won’t be around to help push deals through.

That would leave the responsibility at the feet of Ed Woodward, a notion which will fill fans with little confidence, but he should have Ferguson and Gill whispering in his ear with guidance this time around because we certainly cannot afford another catastrophe this summer.

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