Paul Pogba aims fresh accusations at Manchester United for mistreating him

by Sam Peoples

Paul Pogba has fired shots at Manchester United for what seems like the 20th time this season about how he left the club.

The 21-year-old sounds more like a French rapper than footballer, accusing United of disrespecting him, and he blames the treatment of the club for his departure.

“They left me out because they said I wanted to leave. That is disrespect,” Pogba told BBC World Football Focus.

“Maybe they didn’t think if they were making a mistake.

“Manchester United is a big club but you have to think about yourself.

“You have to play. The coach told me there would be space to play, but I wasn’t playing.

“I was training alone for one week. They told me to go in the gym. I said ‘I am not an athlete, I am a footballer.'”

Every month or so , Pogba speaks out about Manchester United and this is just another example. For someone who has cut ties with the club, he certainly likes to reiterate the point.

Pogba was given as much respect as a player who underperformed in the 2011/12 season with the Reserves commanded and given a contract offer that was in line with what Manchester United paid youngsters of a similar age. It was his choice not to accept it.

The offer wasn’t enough for Pogba. He wanted more. Greed overcame him and his agent Raiola, and we’re supposed to believe it was only the club being disrespectful in this situation.

“I don’t think he showed us any respect at all,” Ferguson said at the time about Pogba.

Given how good he has gone on to become, it’s safe to say Pogba’s loss was a big one for Manchester United but he shouldn’t throw stones if he lives in a glass house as this debacle certainly had two sides to the story.

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