Van Gaal is already getting under Manchester City’s skin without being confirmed

by Sam Peoples

Manchester City’s chief executive Ferran Soriano has launched an attack on Louis van Gaal‘s management style, before he has even been announced as Manchester United manager.

Soriano has questioned Van Gaal’s abrasive nature and insisted he is a ticking time bomb that will always go off.

“If you treat your people bad, they remember,” he said.

“One day you make an error and they kill you. I have seen this in many clubs. Louis van Gaal has been a very good coach in many clubs but his style is very difficult. The same thing happened to him in Barcelona as in Bayern Munich.

“He is very tough, people don’t like him, but he wins. And one day you don’t win – and when you don’t win, everybody that is angry with you will come back to you and try to kill you. In the movies this works, in real life it doesn’t.”

City’s chief executive commenting on a manager who is still only a candidate? He must be worried about the prospect of Manchester United with Van Gaal at the helm.

There’s certainly an element of truth to what Soriano is saying but stirring the pot before anything is confirmed? Sounds like a worried man.

One thing is for sure. Next season, if Van Gaal is in charge, you won’t see a lackadaisical performance from any United players because they’ll be too scared of the consequences.

Update – Soriano is rumoured to have said these quotes in March, which is something the press didn’t mention.

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