RVP quashes rumours he chose City academy over United for his son

by Sam Peoples

Earlier this season, The Mirror and Manchester Evening News reported that Robin van Persie had chosen to send his son to Manchester City’s academy, snubbing the opportunity to send him to Manchester United.

However, Van Persie has explained that his son, seven year old Shaqueel, plays for both United and City’s academies and will do so up until the point where he has to choose one of the two.

“He got scouted. Now he’s playing for both Manchester United and for City up until the age, in a year or so, where he has to make his mind up and make a decision about where he wants to play.”

The stories were reported in such a way that United fans should have been upset at Van Persie for sending his son away from United’s academy but it was nothing more than hot steam aimed at rocking Robin’s boat.

Image: Twitter/RedMancunian

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