PICTURE: Ronaldo vs Januzaj – Who was better in their first season?

by Sam Peoples

Much has been said about Cristiano Ronaldo and Adnan Januzaj this season.

Both flair players had a fantastic impact in their first season at Manchester United and it didn’t take long for the comparisons between them to begin.

This week, Januzaj admitted Ronaldo is a player who he tries to mould himself on and why not? Ronaldo is the best player in the world right now and no other footballer comes close to him in terms of sheer athleticism.

As far as role models go, Januzaj has picked a decent one in Ronaldo.

The comparisons have been ongoing all season but when broken down statistically, who had the bigger impact in their first year at Old Trafford?

Here are the stats. You can make your own mind up:


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