Fergie’s old friend says Shaw and Kroos are joining Manchester United

by Sam Peoples

Toni Kroos and Luke Shaw are going to join Manchester United this summer, Bob Cass has said on the record.

Over the years, Cass and Fergie had a decent working relationship, something which Fergie acknowledged in his autobiography, and the obvsious assumption here is to say his information has come from Fergie himself. How likely is that to be the case?

Fergie is currently in America starting his teaching course with Harvard so it’s unlikely Cass spoke to him over a glass of red wine. That being said, Cass could have spoke to Fergie earlier recently.

In reality, Cass could simply be trying to stay topical with his assessment on Kroos and Shaw but it won’t stop some United fans getting excited about it. Why not? Signing Kroos and Shaw would be exciting.

Even though previous summers have seen United fans strung along by many a transfer saga without a happy ending, we’re no less open for another transfer saga to begin which is what Shaw and Kroos could potentially turn out to be.

With that in mind, here at The Peoples Person we’ll try and stay on top of it all and continue to bring you the very latest news and updates.

Image: Twitter/fotofutbolero

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