Two more exits announced as Manchester United clearout continues in earnest

by Sam Peoples

Phil Neville and Chris Woods have had their contracts terminated as Manchester United in order to clear the way for a new manager to bring in his staff, according to The Times.

Ed Woodward informed both after the draw against Southampton on Sunday and Woods departing United is as strong an indication as you’ll get that a new manager will be announced soon.

Like Eric Steele last year, Woods did an absolutely superb job with De Gea and deserved to keep his job at the club but in the same fashion as Steele lost his job as part of David Moyes’ reshuffle, Woods has suffered the same fate this summer.

The same goes for Neville but if Van Gaal wants to bring in staff who he has worked alongside with at places like Barcelona, Bayern Munich and Holland, then he should be given the same courtesy as Moyes was if he was allowed to cull our coaching staff for his Everton companions.

Neville has added an element of mystery to the pot by announcing he is working with United’s Under-21s ahead of our final against Chelsea tomorrow night. Does he have a future working with our younger teams?

The Times also backed up reports that Woodward told Ferdinand he was leaving in the dressing room in front of others, something which has left United fans dumbfounded.

Has Woodward morphed from a meek, indecisive man had no idea what he was doing into a tyrannical man with no morale compass, who still has no idea what he is doing, within the space of a year?

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