Vidic on dressing room arguments, insight into Moyes and decision to leave

by Sam Peoples

Nemanja Vidic has sat down with The Telegraph to give a revealing, in-depth interview on the past season at Manchester United.

The explosive page splash indicated there would be tales of fights in the dressing room and talk of a happy post-Moyes United but Vidic is measured in his responses, quite reserved in his assessment and precise with his words

Some feel Vidic’s responses are too calculated, dodging the issues at their core as they fluff around the pertinent points that ultimately don’t get addressed. Take from the interview what you will but for now, Vidic’s insight is the closest we can get to understanding what happened behind closed doors this season.

Here are some extracts from the interview but to read it in full, click here.

On arguments among the players…

“We argued amongst ourselves. This year more than any other, because when you have bad times, people show they care. We are still friends, but we were arguing to get better. We wanted to improve.

“We could say those things to each other because we have been together for so long, but it hurt. If you didn’t argue, it would not be right. We had some hard moments in the dressing room between ourselves.”

On Moyes…

“There was a transition. You get someone who sees football in a different way and he will want to put his stamp on the team and the way he wants to play. Ryan [Giggs] shares the same ideas as Sir Alex Ferguson and his was a more similar approach to the one we had with Sir Alex. The players are more used to it and felt more comfortable with it.

“I am not saying that the David Moyes way was bad, but these players feel more comfortable playing a certain way of football. You have to respect where you are and what you represent, though, and there is no point speaking about someone who was here, who everyone knows lost his job because he did not succeed in doing what he wanted to achieve.

“The best answer I can say is that he [Moyes] tried really hard, he was professional. He was really committed to the job and desperately wanted to do well. But unfortunately, it didn’t happen and we are all sad.

“Sometimes you have bad times and you question yourself, of course, but we never did anything to question the manager at all. We questioned ourselves more.”

On whether he would have stayed if he knew Moyes was leaving…

“It is not an easy question to answer,” Vidic says.

So that is a ‘yes,’ then?

“It is not a yes. I am trying to answer it properly. Sometimes you don’t make a decision instantly, especially one like this. You have to think about it. Is it the right thing to do? Sometimes there are many reasons…”

To read it in full, click here.

Image: Twitter/RedMancunian

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